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Dr. Bob DeMaria:  Hello, my name is Doctor Bob DeMaria, and today, we're going to talk about aging.  You know, way back, ever since it seems like the beginning of time, people have been concerned about slowing down the aging process.  So let me give you some insights. You want to slow down, really the rusting in your body.  You know what the best food for that is?  It is right here.  It is a apple.  And I consume at least a half a red apple every day.  The red apple helps slow down the rusting in your body.  That's very, very important.

I know that some of you right now that are watching are concerned about the skin on your face.  So this is what I'd encourage you to do.  You need an excellent source of vitamin C.  Red, yellow and orange bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C.  You want to drink water from a pure source.  Water literally purifies cells.  I'd like you to drink at least a minimum of one quart of pure water every day.  And you want to hold it or store it in a glass container, or maybe even some stainless steel container, because you want that water not necessarily stressed from contaminants from plastic bottles. 

There are some nutrients that we use in our practice.  Alpha lipoic acid.  It helps promote optimal function and it helps slow down the aging process from my experience.  And you want those adrenal glands functioning at 100 percent.  Maybe some raw glandular adrenal, some DHEA, it helps promote optimal adrenal glad function and it slows down that entire aging process.

Be aware of your posture, because posture's important.  Get a large ball, start laying back on that filled up 55 cm large ball every day.  That's going to help your posture tremendously.

Let me give you some drugless action steps to slow the aging process down.  You want to be in bed by 10 o'clock, because you're adrenal glads need rest and your adrenal glands take away inflammation in the body.  I have mention red, yellow or orange bell peppers.  A great source of vitamin C.  But you know what?  Blueberries.  Organic blueberries.  Great antioxidant. And the final one I love is spinach.  Spinach is also a great antioxidant.  Now you don't want to always eat it raw, sometimes you might want to slightly sauté it.  Any time you can get green into your body, you're putting magnesium into your body and you're promoting health and life.  I'm Dr. Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor!


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses some natural steps that can have you looking and feeling younger. Find out what foods he recommends and why the can help you slow that aging process.

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