The Many Benefits of Krill Oil

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Interviewer: For somebody who doesn't really know what krill oil is, talk about what some of the benefits are of that or what potential benefits could be.

Dr. Sigalit Zchut: OK, krill oil has been also studied for a while. It was tested, first of all, on--first of all we know that the EPA and DHA are better absorbed. This was suggested for years now. As I said, we were the first ones to actually show statistical significance, but it was suggested before that bio-availability of EPA and DHA in krill oil is higher compared to fish oil. Obviously when you eat EPA and DHA you want them to be absorbed in your blood. You want them absorbed in your tissues and benefit your health; so this is one thing. And then it was also tested for efficacy; lowering triglycerides, for example, and also for relieving stress and other indications as well. So it has many advantages for your health.

Interviewer: Someone starts taking krill oil. What will they notice? Do they have to get blood tests to actually find something that they'll notice in terms of a difference in their body? Or what will some of those things might be?

Dr. Sigalit Zchut: OK, for example, there is one risk factor that becomes more and more important called the Omega-3 index. And this is actually the level of EPA and DHA out of the total fatty acids in your red blood cells. It has been suggested that there is a correlation between the level of your Omega-3 index and your risk for cardiovascular disease. Experts suggest that you will try to increase your index, and there are companies can actually give you, you know, take a blood test and look at your Omega-3 index and suggest where you are on that level, if you are in high risk or medium risk.

You can definitely increase this index by consuming krill oil and you will see the results within a month. You can also look, if somebody is suffering from high triglycerides, after consuming krill for several weeks, they will very likely see a decrease in triglycerides up to 20%, which is also an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Sigalit Zchut discusses the benefits of krill oil compared to those with fish oil. Find out the difference when it comes to the absorption of EPA and DHA.

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