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Interviewer: You mentioned that Pomi-T, uh, at least in the studies was geared toward prostate health. Uh, why, um, what's particular about the prostate and those ingredients, and can it be beneficial, uh, for other conditions or symptoms?

Dr. Thomas: Yeah, the laboratory data for those four foods, applied to a number of different cancers. There was ovarian cancer cells, prostate, breast, and the benefits seemed to be across the board, that there was just a general anti-cancer benefit. But to conduct a chemical trial, as you know, is quite difficult and you have to select a group which are not on any other conventional treatments. Now, I'm a mainstream oncologist, and if I said to a woman with breast cancer, "can you take pomme tea or a placebo?" she would probably walk out the door, and quite rightly too. So you have to pick a group which would actually, it wasn't necessary to go on to conventional treatments. And therefor the active surveillance group, or the relapse group of men with prostate cancer is the ideal cohort to pick because it's perfectly appropriate to say to someone, "Look, we don't need to rush back on hormones because you'll gain weight and you'll get hot flashes, you'll get erectile dysfunction. What about trying something else for six months first, and see if there's a benefit, and if there's no benefit we can always just put you back on traditional therapies. So it's the ideal group to pick.

Interviewer: What sort of benefits did you see? Can you discuss what you found in those trials?

Dr. Thomas: Well, during the trial which was double blind randomized, so the man didn't know what he was taking, and we didn't know what we were giving then, we did see that the PSA did seem to be stabilizing. But the most exciting part is when the statistician who cracked open the code, we were quite staggered actually by the findings. There was a 63% difference in PSA progression rate between the placebo and the actual pomme tea itself. And that also meant that during the study, or at the end of the study, the men were asked, "do you want to stay on active surveillance, do you want to stay off hormones?" And obviously this decision was made not knowing what they were taking. There was also a 50% reduction in men who'd chosen  to leave the active surveillance program. So significantly more men were not going on to hormones, were not choosing then to have surgery, which has got major cost effectiveness impacts on the management of prostate cancer, but also in terms of quality assurance. Pomme tea had virtually no side effects, whereas when people have radiation therapy or hormones, there's lots of side effects, so, we were really please with the results.

Interviewer: When you discuss the four main ingredients in pomme tea, whole foods basically, can someone get the same benefit from eating those foods, or is that the point, that people just wont do that?

Dr. Thomas: Yes. When you design a study, of course, you have a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time, but ideally it would have been great if we could do a very detailed nutritional questionnaire on each man and did a subgroup analysis where you got more benefit if you, perhaps, ate badly, to someone who ate healthily. On the whole, just seeing the patients in the study, there was a broad spectrum of both, and just sort of my opinion was, I think, that all people benefit to some extent. But you have to say if you are very vigorous in your lifestyle and diet and you ate whole foods regularly you probably get less benefit, but I don't know the answer to that.

Can you imagine if there was a natural, whole food supplement that showed benefit in patients who have certain cancers? That may just be the case as Dr. Robert Thomas explains. He discusses Pomi-T and some of the results that have been seen in trials with cancer patients. He also mentions why a certain type of cancer was better for the trial.

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