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The importance of gut bacteria continues to be a hot topic and one of exciting new research, this week in the area of autism.

A review of more than 150 papers on autism spectrum disorder and gut bacteria found that scientists have been reporting links between the composition of bacteria in the gut and autistic behavior since the 1960’s.  Researchers also found evidence that changing the gut bacteria to a more balanced state can reduce autism spectrum disorder symptoms.  

Many of the papers supported the gut-brain connection and how issues in the gut can affect the brain through the overgrowth of bad bacteria, which would produce toxins that get into the blood stream and eventually the brain, which is at the height of development in a young child.

Speaking of toxins, some that are commonly found in products in your home are now being connected to birth defects.

A study out of Virginia Tech links the connection between quaternary ammonium compounds… or ‘quats’ and birth defects in both mice and rats.  These quats are found in common household cleaners, fabric softeners, shampoo and conditions and more.  Many of these quats are used for their antimicrobial and antistatic qualities, but exposure to them resulted in the same birth defect as spina bifida in humans.  The defects were found when both males and females or just one was exposed.

A previous study found these chemicals led to decreased sperm counts and ovulation, raising the possibility of them contributing to infertility, which continues to be on the rise.

Finally, new research is again showing promise for natural compounds killing cancer cells.

A team of researchers at Penn State found that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins and seeds may kill colon cancer stem cells in a petri dish and in mice.

The research found that the combination of resveratrol and grape seed extract was very effective in killing colon cancer cells, but they were non toxic to healthy cells.  This information may offer hope for future treatment as well as clues as to why some cultures with a plant-based diet tend to have lower cancer rates.  

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New this week is encouraging news about the connection between gut bacteria and autism spectrum disorder. Also find out what natural substances are showing promise in killing a certain kind of cancer cell. And learn about a kind of common household toxin that is now being linked to certain birth defects!

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