REVEALED: The One Thing Cancer Foundations DON'T Want!

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Interviewer: Ty, what, what, what are yourthoughts on, uh, the cancer foundation's, the Susan G. Komen, you know there'spink and a walk for this and I mean, everywhere you turn its cancer week orbreast cancer month or this and that. What are your thoughts on thosecompanies, or those foundations, rather, that raise hundreds of millions ofdollars, and yet, like we talked about, we don't seem to be further along theline in terms of getting rid of it.


Ty: Yeah, the perhaps their inception, they hada good purpose, maybe, maybe not, I mean, that's not really in the scope of thediscussion. But, let's say they had good purpose, you know, to start off with.The fact of the matter is, now, you look at the amount of money they spend,less than 20 percent of the expenses for the American Cancer Society,specifically, last year went to any kind of research. It was, 80 plus percentwas administrative overhead. The president of the American Cancer Society lastyear's total compensation package was over two million dollars. So, we'retalking about millions and millions of dollars and going into thesenon-profits, but they're not producing the results because, number one, most ofthe money's spent on overhead and the money that's not spent on overhead isspent on research that's drug-intensive. So, drugs are not gonna cure cancer.But this cancer is not a deficiency of drugs. Cancer, its, its a compromisedimmune system, its a disease resulting from a compromised immune system.Searching for the latest and greatest drugs is not gonna ever cure cancer. Andso, what do I think of the charities, the question was most of the people thatwork in these charities, I think very highly of. Because they want to curecancer. They don't understand that at the top, the purpose is not to curecancer. As a matter of fact, I believe its the American Cancer Society, thathas in their minutes or the by-laws that if a cure for cancer is found then,they will disband. So, does that affect the little lady on the street cornerthat has your, you know, run for the cure pink ribbons that she's passing out?No, it doesn't affect her, unless she wants to find the cure. But does itaffect the people at the top on the board that are making multi-million dollarsalary packages every year? Do they really want to find the cure? Its arhetorical question, but I'll let you answer that.


Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger shares his thoughts on the many foundations raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help find a cure for cancer. Ty discusses the motives from the heads of those organizations down to the people working the streets and how they differ.

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