Statin Drugs Could Cause These Other Health Problems!

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Scott: So, Doctor talk about what happens when the Statin drugs are in your system and you're lowering cholesterol,because you said it's not necessarily good or bad. So what is exactly going on in your body when it's being artificially lowered like that?

Dr. Bob DeMaria: Well what's happening is, is that I've read statistics that if your cholesterol level is lower than 160 you have a greater potential to have cancer. See cholesterol is the main steroid building block for all the steroids in your body, sex hormones, mineral hormones, blood sugar hormones. So the reason that people get pain when they're on a Statin drug is they are taking the cholesterol out of your body that's used to make cortisone. 

So your adrenal glands are the key gland. There are two adrenal glands. One on top of each kidney, they are about the size of a walnut. The adrenal glands make natural cortisone, they make androgens which are sex hormones, and they make what we call mineral corticoids. 

A mineral corticoids helps reabsorb minerals inside of your body. So if a patient comes into my office and they have large pupils, big pupils because, I look them right in the eye and their pupils are big, I know they like to eat sugar. That is the patient who says to me, oh Dr.Bob I was taking a shower and my back went out. So I just ask them what they had to eat the night before and what did they have for breakfast. They usually have something sweet which compromises the adrenal gland function. Well, those adrenal glands have to make cortisones, so when they take cholesterol out of your body artificially that's why one of the side effects are pain syndromes. 

But you know Scott, I've really been blessed I've written seven books, and one of my books is about sex and romance. When somebody takes a Statin drug, the cholesterol that's used to make sex hormones is also taken out of the body. That's why men have erectile dysfunction, well one of the reasons. But, we have the answer for that. I'm being sarcastic right now. It's another pill, and this pill costs $20 per pill. So it's coming to my mind ,you know the very first thing that God told Adam to do, be fruitful and multiply. I never would have thought that I would be taping a program talking about sexual dysfunction in America, and that's how the whole world and that's about all procreation.  So we are so unhealthy right now that we have to take a medication to procreate, that's a sign of a society that's in poor health.


The main role of statin drugs is to lower cholesterol. But is that really always a healthy thing? Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses some other health problems that could be caused by statin drugs. Could the increase in statin drugs be the cause of the increased instances of erectile dysfunction, overall pain and many other conditions? Find out how and why statin drugs could be at the root of many other health conditions!

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