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Scott: Another topic that you're talking about is cardiovascular disease.  The common thought for the last 20 years is, too much cholesterol leads to blockages, which leads to heart attack or heart disease.  So we're told to lower it, often times as much as possible.  What do you think of that whole theory?

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: I think it's completely wrong.  I definitely feel strongly and I feel confident that I'm right.  In fact my husband has been a beneficiary of my thoughts.  And he has completely embraced what I have recommended.  He eats a high fat, high cholesterol diet.  He was diagnosed with heart disease eight years ago.  Put on a high dose statin and immediately started suffering fro a lot of side effects.  I started reading everything I could about heart disease and about stating drugs and quickly realized he shouldn't be on that drug.  And discovered, really quite fortuitously, this link with sulfate deficiency.

I was digging into the early literature, and back in the 1960's, there were studies that showed that you could introduced heart disease-like effects in monkeys by feeding them a high fat, high cholesterol diet.  But if you also gave them foods that were rich in sulfur at the same time, then you couldn't make this happen.  It no longer produced this heart disease profile.  So this gave me a huge hint that something about sulfur was important to protect from heart disease.  And so Victor eats a high sulfur diet, as well as a high cholesterol diet.  And the other thing is to get a lot of sunlight exposure because sunlight exposure to the skin allows the cells in the skin to produce sulfate and in fact produce cholesterol sulfate which then supplies cholesterol to the body.  And cholesterol sulfate is a wonderful molecule because it solves the transport problems of both cholesterol and sulfate by just having them join hands.  It's really, really a neat system.  And this is how the body wants to be transporting cholesterol, is as the sulfated form.  But if there isn't enough sunlight exposure, or if you're exposed to glyphosate, which messes up the enzyme that produces the sulfate, then you're going to be stuck with having to transport cholesterol without sulfate.  And also be stuck with losing your ability to transport sulfate.  So you end up with deficiencies throughout the body in both cholesterol and sulfate, and your liver has to scramble to find some other way to ship the cholesterol, which has to be inside these lipid particles, because the cholesterol is no longer water soluble once it doesn't have the sulfate.  So you've got to package it up inside these LDL particles, which are considered to be the so-bad cholesterol.  And so the liver ends up shipping out lots of LDL in order to deliver the cholesterol to the body, which the cells desperately need.  So it's not the right answer to poison the liver so that it can't produce that cholesterol.  

And what's really interesting about the plaque is that it becomes a place where cholesterol sulfate is produced.  And so when you study what's going on in those regions that have the... they do... they do in fact... the cholesterol does, in fact gather, along with fat inside those clogged arteries.  I'm not denying that that happens.  But that is actually an active site for cholesterol sulfate production.  And in order to be able to ship the cholesterol out to the HDL particles, you need to sulfate it first.  And those sites are able to do that.  But they have to take a hit on oxidative damage in order to do it.  And that's because the normal system that produces the sulfate isn't working.  So you end up with damaging the artery wall with oxygen, which is... you know oxygen radicals, which is... you know... all these sort of.. reactive oxygen species that they talk about.  So this inflammation.  All of that has to happen in order to make the sulfate... in order to be able to get the cholesterol out of the plaque and then deliver the cholesterol and the sulfate to the heart, which the heart says, thank you very much, that's wonderful.  Because it desperately needs it.  And that will avoid heart failure.  

So it's a second-tier choice to have the clogged arteries in order to supply the heart with these essential nutrients.  And what you would rather be doing is to provide them through the natural means, which is through the sunlight exposure to the skin.  But that system is broken, both because there's not enough sunlight and because of the glyphosate and other poisons.  Even for example, the aluminum in the sunscreen, is going to mess up the bodies natural ability to make the sulfate. 



Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the role of cholesterol and sulfur in the body and how they are directly connected. Find out why we have it wrong when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease and what key things we need to know to stay healthy!

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