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Looking for good news about bacon?  Keep looking… a new French study found that eating large amounts of cured meats was linked to more severe symptoms among asthma sufferers.  The study used data from nearly 1 thousand adults from five French cities… The results over the four year period showed those that ate the most cured meat, which was four or more servings per week… were 76 percent more likely to see worsening of symptoms compared to those who ate the least.

Do you get enough magnesium in your diet?  A recent study out of China suggests a diet rich in magnesium may help lower the risk of health problems like heart disease and diabetes.  The study analyzed data on dietary magnesium… found in foods like leafy greens, fish, nuts and whole grains… That data was from 40 studies over the last 17 years on more than a million people in 9 different countries…

The data showed people who got the most magnesium were 10 percent less likely to develop heart disease and as much as 26 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

And a study out of Berlin… Germany indicates that at least one key to a longer life… may be occasionally caring for grandkids!  The findings were drawn from data over a 20 year period with more than 500 people over age 70… After accounting for age and general health… the study found the risk of dying over a 20 year period was one third lower for grandparents who occasionally cared for their grandchildren.  In contrast… about half of the participants who did not help others… died within five years of the start of the study. 

It was also noted that having full-time custody of grandchildren could also have a negative effect on health.

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In this week's natural news headlines, find out the latest health news about cured meats like bacon! Also hear about the latest information regarding an important mineral and its connection to heart health and diabetes. And find out what you can do to help the family that might help you live longer!

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