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Scott: So doctor, MCP is a supplement we can take at any time, and if nothing else, it helps boost our immune system.  How do we know if it's something that can be used as a therapy for a cancer?  Does it depend on what kind of cancer people have, or how do you go about deciding whether or not that can be a therapy for it?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: The galectin-3 molecule is present in almost every kind of cancer.  And that's why modified citrus pectin is beneficial in almost every kind of cancer.  We have published a number of papers, showing the benefits, not only in prostate cancer, but also in other kinds of cancer.  In early stage and in advanced stage.  And now because of the connection with galectin-3, it becomes much more important.  Because lets say somebody has a certain cancer and they got radiation therapy and the cancer was eliminated, hopefully.  Well, for the next three to five years, they're going to produce chronic inflammation post-radiation, and get post-radiation fibrosis with terrible side effects.  Modified citrus pectin can reduce or eliminate it based on the very basic mechanism with galectin-3.  So you can see now the benefits of modified citrus pectin in cancer is not just for the treatment.  It's not just for the prevention of metastasis, it's for prevention of side effects.  More than this, there are very good studies showing that modified citrus pectin enhances the therapeutic effect of multiple chemotherapeutic drugs.  And it also enhances multiple supplements.  

We have shown a synergistic effect between our MCP, our modified citrus pectin, and our prostate cellular health formula.  Between modified citrus pectin and the breast cellular health formula that I developed.  And we're now about to study, to start a very comprehensive study testing it with multiple chemotherapeutic agents and with radiation therapy and see the effects. 


Dr. Isaac Eliaz discusses a supplement called modified citrus pectin. He explains how a certain molecule is present in almost every kind of cancer, and how this supplement can help combat that. He also explains how it can benefit some of the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Find out how this supplement can benefit almost every cancer!

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