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Interviewer:  You mentioned briefly water. I think that gets overlooked a
lot, or people will think it's in my coffee, or it's in my soda anyway, so
I'm getting enough. How much is enough? We hear about the eight glasses a
day or whatever, and is that still pretty overlooked?

Interviewee:  Yeah, water to me is very underestimated. Our body is 60-70%
water, so just like where it refuels as it goes a machine with food, we're
re-hydrating as it goes a machine with water. You have to drink water
consistently, not just in the morning and at night, but throughout the day
because it directly affects how your body is going to burn fat. So when
you're dehydrated, you release a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone,
which makes you suck all the water from your tissues to shuttle to your
blood to protect your blood pressure because your body's a reactive device.
When you're not getting enough, that takes away from your digestion. That
takes away from your muscles working, so you really need to drink
consistently. I think a good starting point, women two to three liters a
day. Men should be probably about four liters a day. Your urine needs to be
clear. You should be using water, not coffee as your water. I've no problem
with coffee, but coffee's a diuretic, so it makes you pee a little bit
more. Soda I'm not a huge fan of, but if you're going to have soda, don't
use that as your water. Drink straight water. You can add some lemon or
lime to it. A good little trick, cinnamon extract, helps stabilize your
blood sugar, so you could dump some cinnamon extract in your water, and you
can do that as well. You have to drink consistently. To me it's six things:
sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation, water, and stress.  That's
your plan, and once you get dialed in on those and have systems for it,
take your body wherever you want.

Nutritionist Mark Macdonald explains why water is so important. He discusses it's role in different systems in the body. Mark also goes over how much water you might need per day to keep your body running efficiently.

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