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Xanthohumol has also been shown to be beneficial for arthritis, a common
condition as people age, degenerative changes in all of our joints.
Osteoarthritis in particular is characterized by a breakdown in the
cartilage between the bones. What happens at the beginning of arthritis is
that the cartilage substance tends to put out a molecule called
[hyaluronan]. I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly.

The Xanthohumol seems to be able to reduce the production of this
[hyaluronan] and help protect the arthritic changes from occurring, but it
has been shown in vitro to suppress [hyaluronan]. It also has, as far as
the arthritis condition goes, profound anti-inflammatory benefits. It has
COX-1 and COX-2 cyclooxygenase, which is a big term for the molecules that
the anti-inflammatories tend to (inaudible 00:01:12).

In other words, if a person is taking ibuprofen or aspirin, they're
basically working on the COX-1 and COX-2 systems. Xanthohumol and other
(inaudible 00:01:26) constituents have an anti-COX-1 and COX-2 benefit. So
it does have the anti-inflammatory benefit and it does have this benefit of
seemingly to protect cartilage which is quite unique for one nutraceutical.

As far as other bone conditions, it seems that it's beneficial for
osteoporosis. Xanthohumol has been found experimentally again in vitro to
increase the cellular activity of what's called osteoblasts. The
osteoblasts are bone cells that lay down new bone tissue. It also inhibits
other cells called osteoclasts, which actually cause bones to diminish. So,
it could lead later on to fruitful research in osteoporosis because of
these profound activities.

Dr. Stephen Langer discusses the potential arthritis benefits from xanthohumol. He talks about the anti-inflammatory properties of xanthohumol as as as a protector of cartilage.

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