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Scott:Isn't one of the scary things with the GMO foods is that there's still so muchunknown since it's a relatively new science, or practice I guess.

Dr. BobDeMaria: Well, I know some of the research did mention that. We're almostplaying Russian Roulette with our own bodies. I think this is the key out ofall of it. Genetically engineered seeds cannot replicate themselves. That's thekey. If they can replicate themselves, Lord knows what's going to happen.There's an old story called the 100th money. There were 100 monkeys on anisland and one monkey ate the banana and peeled the banana. I believe, therewill be a point in our society when all of a sudden this genetically engineeredfood is going to catch up with us, and there is going to be a generation wherewe're going to have all these abnormal birth defects. What's going to happen intheir minds, initially, they won't trace it back to the food.  

But goingto just the genetically modified wheat. The wheat today has a lot of gluten init. Gluten is the protein that's found in wheat. That gluten has two thingsthat can cause a challenge with. Gluten will plug the villi in the intestines.The little villi are shaped like this, so your intestines cannot absorbminerals, for example, iron. That gluten, also being a protein, can cause areaction in the body and someone can have loose stools. 

So let'stalk about Celiac Disease for a minute. Tracing it back to geneticallyengineered. The only official way to diagnose Celiac Disease is to have abiopsy. And when they look at that biopsy, the skin, the epithelial of theintestines is denuded from the villi, that means it's gone. I read research, itcould be eight or nine years and the villi will still stay wide, it doesn'tnecessarily grow back. 41% of the people in the United States today have thegenes for Celiac Disease, but only 1% of the people actually have the conditionitself. I know that a part of that whole issue has to do with geneticallyengineered wheat, or gluten, that's in wheat, rye, oats, and barley. 

Buthere's something to ponder: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella shot. Mumps. ParotidGland. Digestion starts in the mouth. MMRs.--just throwing this out--quiteinteresting. If your Parotid gland is not secreting the enzymes to break downwheat and starches, is it impacting the rest of the body? I don't know.Amalgams in the mouth paralyze the Parotid gland, is it an issue?Possibly. 

I'm goingto tell you a story, all of my stories are true, by the way. I had a young manthat came into my practice, he was not a young man, he was my age, came intothe office, he had Chronic Anemia. Now listen to this, this is so significant.Chronic Anemia, been to the worlds famous clinics, no one could understand whatwas going on. He happened to go to first grade with me. 

So yearslater he came in and I looked at him and I said let's just do a diet sheet. Sohis Ferritin, which is a source of iron, was low, and a few other things werelow. So he brought the diet sheet in and who comes with him, of course hiswife, lovingly. I looked at the diet sheet and I just started circling. Now I'mnot saying these foods are bad because I have to really be a diplomat when I dothis. I said "These foods could be an issue". It was like whole wheatbread. And his wife just piped up, and she said, in a loving way, "It'sall whole wheat Dr. Bob; it is really good for you." And I didn't sayanything, but by the time I got done it looked like I had a map of theworld. 

So I saidto him, "I think I found your problem". He said, "What do youmean you found my problem?" It's wheat. I said, what's happening to youis, that that wheat has gluten and your body does not have the ability toabsorb iron. That's your problem. 

Now,physiologically a red blood cell will live on the planet for 120 days, so Isaid to him, this is what we're going to do. So I supplemented him with adigestive enzyme, a whole food iron, and a liquid iron. I'm going to throw thisout to the world, one of the best liquid irons is something called Yellow Dock.Yellow Dock is an herb that has iron in it. It's good for skin, it's good forliver, it's good for iron. So we put him on this program. 120 days later CBC witha differential, and guess what, he was normal. He was normal, he did not haveCeliac disease. 

I'mtrying to make a point that, his lumen--do you ever wonder where they come upwith these names--his lumen in his intestines, the villi started to work again.He stopped eating the wheat. Now this same patient, he's been a patient for along time. They don't always listen to me. He was addicted to what I finallycalled the Torpedo of Death. The Torpedo of Death is a chocolate covered, creamfilled eclair, which used to give him headaches. The reason I talk about theTorpedo of Death, it kills the liver because it affects the liver and thegallbladder, so that is just one incidence.



Genetically modified foods are a still relatively new when it comes to science. There aren't too many generations that have been consuming them. The long term effects of eating GMOs are not fully known yet. Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the risks and dangers of eating those foods.

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