4 Ways To Eliminate Acid From The Body

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Interviewer: So when our body is too acidic at any of those levels, what's actually happening internally?

Dr. Robert O. Young: Internally, the body's trying to get rid of it. It's trying to buffer it. The body has to get rid of its own waste products. Could you imagine how long you would live if you were to hold your breath and hold in that acid called carbon dioxide? How long would you live? Three to four minutes.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Robert O. Young: See, acid is very toxic and the body has to get through. It has to eliminate these acids through the four channels of elimination. What are those?

#1 Respiration
Respiration. We breathe out acid. We take in life-saving, life-giving oxygen. What's the others? 

#2 Urination
Well, urination. You have to pee your way to health if you want to be healthy. If you're not peeing regularly and eliminating your waste products, then that acid's going to go into the connected tissues and into the fatty tissues. For a woman, that means breast cancer. For a man it means prostate cancer. You don't want acids going into the connected tissues and into the organs and glands. So urination is very important. That's why we test the urine. 

#3 Bowel Movements
The third elimination organ is the bowels. You should be eliminating the bowel at least three to five times a day. If you eat three to five times a day, you should have three to five times the eliminations.

Most folks, especially children, are not eliminating regularly. In fact, they'll go for days without eliminating the bowel. This is a stage for acid buildup that can lead to an epidemic, which is around the world now, called type 1 diabetes. 

#4 Pores
The fourth elimination organ is our pores. We have 3,500 pores per square inch, and these pores are openings that allow for gases. We smell those in the form of body odor or liquid waste. They're coming from the lymphatic system, out of our tissues. Through the sweat glands, we remove waste products, which makes exercise so vitally important . . . 

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Robert O. Young: . . . and we must time every day. At least one hour to eliminate the acids that have built up in the connective tissues, including the muscles and the fatty tissues.

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How does your body eliminate acid? Dr. Robert O. Young says there are four ways your body tried to regulate pH balance. Find out what those elimination channels are so you can concentrate on those for optimal health.

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