Foods That Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet has plenty of health benefits… now new research is finding one more for women.

An analysis done at Harvard found that women who eat a high amount of fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of breast cancer… especially aggressive tumors… than those who eat fewer fruits and vegetables.  The research found that women who ate more than five and a half servings each day had an 11 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate two and a half or fewer servings.  A serving is defined as one cup of raw, leafy vegetables… half a cup of raw or cooked vegetables or half a cup of chopped or cooked fruits.

The findings also suggested the cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli… as well as yellow and orange vegetables had a particularly significant link to lower breast cancer risk.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s continue to be major health concerns with little treatment options available.  That could change thanks to research in Japan.

The research team used ultrasound waves applied to the whole brain in mice… what they saw was improved blood vessel formation… nerve cell regeneration and improved cognitive dysfunction with no obvious side effects.  Drug therapies are often limited because of the difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier.  The scientists hope this type of therapy can also benefit some of the 50 million people worldwide with dementia and similar conditions.

Finally… here’s an odd finding.

Artificial sweeteners have a less than stellar reputation because of their purported health risks… but new research is showing a strange link to lower cancer risk.

The research analyzed over one thousand patients… those who drank one or more 12 ounce serving of artificially sweetened beverages per day… had a 46 percent improvement in risk of colon cancer recurrence or death… compared to those who didn’t drink the beverages.  A second analysis found that half of that benefit was due to substituting an artificially sweetened beverage for one with sugar.

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New research is showing that a couple of foods can help lower risk for breast cancer. Find out which ones those are and how much they might be able to help! Also learn about promising new research into dementia and Alzheimer's as well as a strange study actually backing the use of artificial sweeteners!

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