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Scott: Ann Boroch, author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis, which you had done through diet, but one of the things that stuck out to me in your book was you talked about the mental aspect of it and that's something I don't think people think a whole lot about and how that can affect the body as well.  Can you touch on that a little bit?

Ann Boroch: We are a body of thoughts and we have more than just the conscious mind, we have the subconscious.  And the subconscious is few things.  It's a six year old.  It has no discerning capability between right or wrong and it has no sense of humor.  And it is our best friend.  So whatever we say most often, do most often,feel most often is what we are.  And the subconscious also controls the central nervous system, which dictates every cell, tissue and organ in the body.  So there is such an intense connection between the mind/body, that we kind of cut this off.  And I say 'no, we need to start here.'  So the thing that I realize most is the thoughts you do think and the belief systems.  When someone comes into my office with a challenging condition, one of the first questions I ask is 'do you believe you can turn this around'?  And if the answer's no, then I feel like we've only gone so far.  Because they can be a great soldier, and take certain supplementation, detoxify the body, eat a good diet, but if their belief system is still fear based, and locked into, 'well my body can't heal', it won't.

So, part of this is really unlocking that key, and realizing the body has an innate intelligence.  It knows how to heal.  You just have to find those right people, places and things to integrate to make that happen.  So the mental part of us, I think is the strongest element to expediting healing.  You see in my own person journey, I was half in and half out.  I was so ravaged with MS, I wasn't a lightweight case.  And so even though I had this overhang of hope, at times it felt very blind.  And I would cry every day, and I felt trapped in a body that couldn't breathe, swallow and move.  And I really didn't know how I was going to make this gap.  But somehow, and that was also probably the spiritual side of me, that really hung very strongly to getting here.  And with time, and diligence and consistency, I met that.  And that's what people need to understand is that we can grasp a new thought, (snaps finger) that fast.  Does that mean the physical memory, cell memory has caught up? No.  So we have to be patient in knowing that the thoughts, the belief systems are so key, but we have to nurture that through daily practice of what we're doing, what we're putting in our system.  And eventually we will mirror that reality.


It's something you may not even consider at first, but naturopath Ann Boroch talks about what she calls the strongest element to expediting healing. Find out what that is and how it may have a big impact in almost anything we do, health related or otherwise!

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