Drug Companies Control This Without You Realizing It!

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Scott: When you and I were growing up, pharmaceutical companies did not advertise.  Now you watch anything on TV and it says 'is your knee sore?'  Well then you must have this disease, go ask your doctor about it.  All of a sudden I think I have a condition.  How much did that play into really what's blown up in the last 20-30 years?

Robert Scott Bell: It's certainly expanded.  I'm a free market kind of guy, I mean I almost, even though I'd like to see these things gone because I think they're very deceptive.  They always have the little scroll at the end, blah, blah, blah, could kill you.  You know, that kind of thing.  But the reality is yes, when you hear of kids going into their pediatrician, right, with their parents and they ask their doctor, hey, do you have some Lunesta?  Because there's a pretty butterfly in the Lunesta commercial.  You don't think that's impacting children's thought forms as age, on top of what I mentioned parents, by and large, just taking drugs that's just a matter of course, because they were programmed even before we had these commercials.  So I'm not a big fan of them, but if there were truth in advertising, perhaps it would be a little better in that regard.  But direct to consumer marketing certainly has increased the bottom line for the drug industry or they wouldn't have lobbied it into existence.  And therefore, big media is going to attack people that do alternative medicine, why?  Because it's going to fundamentally affect their bottom line.  

The drug commercial.  Are you kidding me?  Do you realize that a lot of what you see on the news is what we call pre-produced news from public relations agencies throughout the world or even on Madison Avenue in New York if they're still there.  Literally produced by drug industry and they supply complete news to the evening news, to CNN to FOX, to all these things and they play it out like it's actually, oh this is news.  This was made by drug companies!  That's why the growth of the new media is so very important.   You know with Natural News dot com, what Mike Adams does, the Health Ranger, Joe Mercola with Mercola, what I do with the Robert Scott Bell Show, people are flocking now to this new media or alternative media.  There's even an alternative news site now opening up, like a Drudge Report for alternative news.  Because people are realizing they're getting beyond biased information, corrupt and toxic information through what they call news, which is not news, which is pure propaganda now. 


Drug companies have been able to advertise their products for many years. What has that done to how we view their products? What about how kids view those drugs? Robert Scott Bell discusses the issues that have arisen from this change and how it could impact your health!

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