How to Get Your Body in Acid/Alkaline Balance

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Scott: Doctor, what... what's the difference in a body that's alkaline versus too acidic?

Dr. Tony Jimenez: You know, Otto Warburg, in the... between 1920 and 1940 described this... what he calls the Warburg effect.  And he proved without a shadow of a doubt, that an acidic body will be a body that has the abnormal cell respiration.  It functions more on glycolysis and it's a little technical and I'm not a biochemist, but the way the pyruvate forms into sugar or into healthy sugar into lactic acid makes the body more acidic.  It's just a great terrain or environment for disease and cancer cells to thrive.  

I always give the example that, you know on this table, there are no ants right now... no maggots or anything.  But if we put food here and we come back, in a week, two weeks, or whatever time, we're going to see that the environment is now full of you know, gobblers, right?  Ants or maggots or whatever.  So what did we change?  We only changed the environment.  And so it's the same thing in our body.  If our environment is that of acidity as opposed to alkalinity, we're making disease more favorable to set in.  So it really should start with what you just mentioned, is working on that milieu, that internal terrain to correct that acidity- alkalinity balance, right?  And that's a big topic of discussion.  What's the best way to do this?  But I think that it starts with a good intestinal flora, and it starts with good nutrition, good water, exercise and healthy thoughts and managing stress.  And I think that if we do these things then we can, for the most part, be more alkaline.  If we have some problem, hiatal hernias, or digestive issues or low enzyme production by the pancreas or what have you, then we have to use supplements or use other type of remedies.  But for the most part, making the lifestyle changes, clearing the dental foci, having good nutrition and working on the intestinal flora, you know, you'll be alkaline. 


Dr. Tony Jimenez discusses an alkaline versus acid body. Find out which end of that spectrum your body should be in. He also mentions tips on how to get your body closer to the optimum level when it comes do that balance.

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