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Interviewers: Now you're familiar with the product called Theracurmin. 

Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.: Yes. 

Interviewer: Can you talk about how that might be different than other curcumin supplements? 

Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.: Yeah.

Most of the research with curcumin has been what's called preclinical
research, where it's done in test tube studies or animal studies. And what happened when they moved to clinical studies in humans was that they found that it wasn't very well-absorbed in humans. So, that's been a little bit of a detriment to the clinical evolution of curcumin. So companies have been looking at ways to enhance the absorption of curcumin. We've seen a steady progression in the evolution in sophistication of these sorts of products. If the pinnacle of sophistication and technology is a product called Theracurmin. This form of curcumin is the most bioavailable and biologically active form. And studies have shown that one capsule of Theracurmin containing just 30 milligrams of curcumin, in terms of the amount that's absorbed is equal to about 8000 milligrams of regular curcumin. The reason we do preclincal studies, test tube studies and animal
studies is to determine an effective concentration of how much of the
material is necessary to produce the desired effect. The shortcoming of curcumin in humans has been that they have not been able to achieve the same concentrations in humans, in our blood, that have been shown to be so effective in all these preclinical studies. Theracurmin overcomes that challenge. It is a form of curcumin that is easily absorbed and shows blood levels that are on par with the concentrations that were shown to be so effective in these preclinical studies. Talk about why that's more important, the bioavailability and why it's better, maybe, in this form than just using it as a spice a lot. Yeah. Well, it's not how much you take of something, sometimes, that determines it's benefits. It's how much you absorb. And the benefits of Theracurmin is your able to achieve blood levels that far exceed the levels that you would achieve by eating more curry or drinking turmeric tea, or even taking other curcumin supplements. So it really is a major advance. And it's the main reason why we're seeing a second surge of clinical research with curcumin.

Curcumin has shown to be a very beneficial supplement in a number of areas. Dr. Michael Murray discusses a certain kind of curcumin supplement that is absorbed better by the body and is more beneficial.

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