Stress Could Be Damaging These Important Organs!

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Dr. Bob DeMaria:  Hello, my name is doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.  And I want to talk to you about the adrenal glands.  You know the adrenal glands are very important glands.  They're located on top of your kidneys and you have two of them.  But, the stress.. are any of you under stress right now?  We have a wind storm that's going across the world from everyone that's watching us and raising their hands.  Stress.  Stress compromises the adrenal glands because if I yelled "Fire! Fire!" right now, you'd get up and start running really fast to get out of the building.  

Your adrenal glands secret the adrenaline for you to do that.  But all day long, guess what's happening to you?  You're hearing 'fire! fire! fire!'.  You're constantly being under attack from all these stimuluses.  Everybody's telling you what to do and you're exhausted at the end of the day.  So you need to make some action steps for that.  But one of the items that's so important is... it comes down to sugar.

You know what?  Sugar stresses your adrenal glands.  Your adrenal glands have two parts.  There's an outer part called the cortex, which makes mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids and androgens.  But when you consume sugar, sugar literally exhausts your adrenal glands.  So bright light could bother your eyes, you might get dizzy from a sit to a stand position.  And the reason is, is your blood pressure might be low.  Yes, I know ladies, you're watching me right now and your blood pressure is low and you get dizzy from a sit to a stand position, and you probably crave pickles, chips and olives, those are body signals to me that your body is craving salt.  Salt is the minerals for your adrenal glands to function at 100 percent.  

So let me give you a few action steps.  It's quite simple by the way.   We use a product in our practice called pantothenic acid.  Pantothenic acid promotes optimal adrenal gland function.  Do you know, your body could use, also, Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps promote optimal adrenal gland function.  I want to make sure you get to bed by 10 o'clock at night.  Because your body needs to rest.  Resting time allows your adrenal glands to recoup and function at 150 percent.  So make sure you get yourself some sleep.  And one last thought.  Go through a media, electronic, digital detox before you go to bed.  What does that mean Dr. Bob?  Get off the computer, off of your phones and just let your body rest.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor. 


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses two very important organs and the functions they play in your body. Find out why stress and some other things he mentions can get damaging them. Also find out what you can do to help support these organs!

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