This is Why Dangerous Prescriptions are Still Pushed by Doctors!

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Scott: Doctor, if so many current medications that are out there are dangerous, why aren't we free to choose alternatives?  Again, we're at the Health Freedom Expo and that's a topic that comes up. But why is that still the case?

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND: Because of the commercial interests.  That's all that can be said about that.  The pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money with their medications.  Something that's not patentable is not promoted.  Drug reps that go to doctors will not promote natural substances, so it's basically a commercial endevour at this point.  Whereas, when I was in medical school I remember bringing up in class, I think it was a Penthouse article on cancer by a nutritionist, I said 'look at this, you know drug companies are sending people through the wrong door!'  And I was blackballed immediately, 'drug companies wouldn't do that, they're on our side.  And you know, they were giving us our doctor bag and our free samples and the still continue to do so.  And, I don't know what's going to get around that in the big picture, but I do know that, individually, we can choose.  And people are choosing.  And the individual purchases or the individual showing up at a meeting like this, the numbers speak for themselves and people start spreading the word.  It's a grassrootes movement.  But I don't know how public it's going to ever be because of the commercial interests.


Dr. Carolyn Dean discusses dangerous prescription drugs and whether or not you can easily find alternatives. Find out why these drugs are pushed so much by doctors and why they don't lean towards safer alternatives.

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