Food Allergies Can Damage Adrenals

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Scott: One of the sections of your book talk about food allergies and food sensitivities. How important are recognizing those when it comes to adrenal health?

Dr. James Wilson: Well, it's very important when you start seeing that food allergies and sensitivities are a stress. And every stress has to be handled by the adrenals. So the more you're going to stress your body, the more work the adrenals have to do. And then, you also have to think about the reciprocal of that. What's the greatest anti-inflammatory in the body, secreted by the body? Cortisone. So every time there's allergies, there's inflammation. Sensitivities, there's inflammation. Sometimes it's systemic as we know. When people get the near anaphylaxis reactions or the anaphylactic reactions, but a lot of times it simply stays in the intestinal tract and causes the intestinal tract to swell and become inflamed and other things like that. That has to be partially handled by the adrenal glands. To keep down the inflammation, to keep down all those different things and to help control the immune system actually too in that. So, taking care of food allergies and food sensitivities and things that upset the stomach is an important thing with adrenal fatigue.
How can food allergies or sensitivities affect your adrenal glands? Dr. James L. Wilson explains how some food issues can act as a stress to your system and cause your adrenals to work harder.

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