The Acidity of Cancer is Nothing More than 'Propaganda' Says This Doctor!

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Scott: Can sodium bicarbonate be used to help prevent cancer, to keep the body more alkaline, or...?

Prof. Tullio Simoncini: No.  Alkalinity has nothing to do with cancer.  This is just propaganda.  Anti-fungal... the sodium bicarbonate works because it's an anti-fungal drug, not because of alkalinity.  There is another substance, cesium chloride , that makes more alkalinity in the body but it's not effective.  The property of the sodium bicarbonate is that it's an anti-fungal drug.  The alkalinity is nothing to see... to do with the anticancer property.  

Scott:  So the acidity of cancer is not...

Simoncini: This is propaganda.  They speak all over the world about alkalinity, but they don't focus (on) the real enemy.  Everybody, even conventional, alternative carer, they talk about something that is related to the cell damage, cell madness, but doesn't exist, this problem.  There is not a problem of cell madness or cell damage so we don't care about alkalinity.  In fact, you destroy the fungal, the tumor on the skin with iodine tincture that is acidic.  


Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses the thought of cancer being acidic and the theory that alkalizing the body can help battle cancer. He says this is nothing more than 'propaganda'. Find out why he says this and why cancer really can be treated with sodium bicarbonate.

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